1985: Angel By Madonna

Composed by Stephen Bray and Madonna for her second studio album, Like A Virgin. According to Madonna, the song was inspired by a girl who is saved by an angel, and she falls in love with him. The singer initially planned to release a music video for the song but changed her mind. There were already five Madonna music videos playing on the music channels and were being broadcast continuously, therefore the record label (Warner Bros) and Madonna felt that adding another video to the already saturated channels might not be in her favour. A promotional video containing scenes from other Madonna videos was made by Warner Bros and aired in the United Kingdom. Madonna has performed the song live only once, on The Virgin Tour in 1985. Said Madonna of the song “I think it’s important to call angels to you to protect you. That is part of the ritualistic moment, the calling of angels”. The song reached No.1 in Australia and the USA. Genre: Dance-Pop. Chart-History.